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MedEcho Review - Megan M

Megan M.
All-American Swimmer, Silver medalist at the Pan American Games as a member of the US National Swim Team. 

"Competing in various sports over three decades with several injuries along the way, I've tried a multitude of products to help with muscle recovery and soreness, as well as reduce inflammation. MedEcho Pain Cream is above and beyond any other product I've tried, providing immediate and effective pain relief!"

Athletic Recovery

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Tossing & Turning

Wanda T.

I use the sleep solution spray & would not be without it. Really helps me go to sleep without tossing or turning.  Love the product!

Fibromyalgia / Sjogrens

Darlene A.

 I am 82 yrs old and the CBD helps me with my pain from Osteo, Fibromyalgia, and Sjogrens. I took arthritis prescription until 8 years ago when the doctors told me they were affecting my kidneys and I refuse to take prescription pain meds.  So until my Doctor introduced me to MedEcho CBD it has changed my life! I would hate to have to do without it! Thank you!

Plantar Fasciltis

Janice B.

It substantially helps intense to excruciating pain for my feet. I have plantar fasciitis as well as far pad loss. I can enjoy my family and my precious grandson.


Don M.

Pain Cream with Glutathione helps with my Osteoarthritis. Provides me with hours of relief.

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First to Healthcare with a Simple Guide Combined with Medical-Grade Condition-Specific Formulas and Medical Oversight to Help Manage Pain, Sleep, and Stress

We are focused on improving OUTCOMES with simple methods to help manage certain medical conditions utilizing structured protocols combined with certified condition-specific formulas infused with a variety of ingredients including EMU Oils, Glutatheine, Menthol, Organic Hemp CBD, and other natural ingredients. 


Our healthcare supervised protocols are designed to remove the questions surrounding how much to apply, when, and how long.

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We only utilize US Grown Hemp that is Organic and Toxic-Free

Hemp CBD and/or other compounds of the plant are extracted in a solvent-free manner

Manufacturing is done in FDA /OTC registered facilities with quality control on providing a potent and pure CBD while supplying a THC < 0.3% level assurance

Final Products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from third-party labs which ensures quality and compliance with state and federal laws (Visit "Earth-to-Exract" Page for Details)

Highest Standards in Production

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