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Melatonin Significantly Reduces COVID-19 (STUDY) Mortality

Studies have shown that melatonin can greatly reduce the chances of Covid-19 mortality. Throughout the pandemic, people have been trying to make sure that they find ways to combat the impact of the virus while also exploring natural remedies that may help people to increase their chances of survival. Melatonin is a hormone, and it is a natural sleep regulator. Besides this, it has a lot of other primary functions. It plays a huge role in cancer prevention, and it can even prevent or even improve conditions, such as diabetes.

How does Melatonin Help with Covid-19?

Melatonin plays a huge role in the fight against Covid-19. It’s able to diminish the pathological features of the virus, helping with things such as inflammation, exaggerated immune responses, and lung injury.

Melatonin has been shown to have a large impact against viral infections, such as respiratory syncytial viruses, viral myocarditis, the West Nile Virus, and even the dengue virus. It has been hypothesized for quite some time that melatonin could actually offer a very similar amount of protection against the virus that has the world in its grasp right now. Although it has not been explicitly proven by science yet, it would seem that PAK1-inhibitors could actually be powerful agents that could become the latest weapon against the recent outbreak. Melatonin could actually be incorporated into Covid-19 treatment, creating a wall of defense that would strengthen immunity and survival.

Does Melatonin Lower the Mortality of Covid-19?

A reported study has shown that melatonin lowers mortality when it is given to patients who are severely impacted by Covid-19.

When a randomized trial was carried out, melatonin was able to lower the general mortality rate by over 93%. This first trial was a breakthrough to say the least, and if this observation is confirmed through much more rigorous trials then it is entirely possible that this could be a powerful tool to add to the arsenal of weapons we have right now. Melatonin, if it was issued as a course of treatment, would only be $5 per course. It is cost-effective and when you compare them to things such as Regeneron monoclonal antibodies, you will see that they cost around $2,100 per dose. In the standard control group, 13 patients out of the 76 that were being monitored sadly passed. This puts the ratio at 17.1%. When compared to the 82 patients who received melatonin, 1.2% died. This general reduction shows that the mortality rate, with a simple course of melatonin, could reduce by 93%

Melatonin and the Future of Healthcare

Dr. Paul Marik, a doctor who works in critical care, became known when he developed life-saving vitamins for sepsis protocol. He published a paper in 2020, saying that there is certainly a lot of scientific rationale for using melatonin to try and regulate the oxidative imbalance or even the mitochondrial dysfunction that is normally witnessed in things such as sepsis. If you are trying melatonin as a supportive therapy, then it is recommended that you take around 6mg of it before you go to bed. This is if you are trying to treat mild symptoms that may accompany Covid-19. If you do get to a hospital with symptoms of Covid-19 then you may be given 6mg+ to manage your condition. Anywhere up to 12mg would be acceptable, especially at night. When the patient is discharged, this would then drop back to 6mg.

If a patient finds that they have long-term symptoms of Covid-19 then they would take between 2mng and 12mg every night. It’s important to work with a low dose and then move up to see how much you can tolerate. If you suspect that your sleep is going to be disturbed, then this would be the time for you to lower your dose.

Using MedEcho Sleep Solution as a Supplement

If you want to boost your level of sleep then MedEcho Sleep is a great solution. It is one of the best ways for you to make sure that you are getting the boost you need to stay healthy too. Sleep is imperative to everyone’s daily lifestyle, whether you are struggling with a Covid-19 infection or whether you are simply trying to make sure that you boost your general health after being admitted to the hospital following a positive test.

Our MedEcho Sleep Program contains melatonin, and we can also offer check-up support and phone calls. With physician collaboration if required and the advantage of getting a monthly refill, it’s safe to say that we can help you with your health, conveniently and safely.

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